19 January 2015

Grateful Heart V. 6

Yes, I know it's quite late to be posting, but bare with me.  I was working 11 to 8 last night & I noticed that my Dad was on Hospital Drive in a town near us and had been there for some time, I noticed Lynn-Mom was there too, so I texted her saying, hey did you hurt yourself again? She didn't respond right away, & I texted her saying hey, Life360(our GPS app) shows your on Hospital Drive, soooo...

I went on break around 6:30 and had a text from her saying, not me, but Dad. He has a bad infection, I'll let you know more in a little bit.

So I'm freaking out at work, I hate not knowing, because my mind goes to the worst possible situations, I finally get a text from Lynn-Mom around 7:40 explaining what was going on & that's this: my dad had a root canal 2 weeks ago today, he's been dealing with pain from it ever since, been put on antibiotics and prednisone, and nothing has helped.  Last night, he drove himself to the first hospital because he had a softball sized lump on his neck/jawline and was starting to have difficulty breathing.  I of course, start freaking out, Lynn asks me to let my brother and sister know, and neither one of them is answering their phones, so I wait until I'm off the clock & right as I'm punching out, my Mom calls me asking me if everything is okay, I tell her, and she says she's going to tell my brother.  Mady's boyfriend picked me up from work since he was at my house using my computer & I finally got ahold of her.

We kept getting little bits of information from Lynn-Mom & this morning Dad had surgery to remove that softball sized abscess & a tooth.  Mady and I went up to see him this early afternoon & that eased my fears too.  He was in a bit of pain still but otherwise he was his funny, happy self.

All of this to say, I'm so grateful for each part of my family this week.  You don't realize how quickly it can all be taken from you until you have something like this to jolt you back and say whoa.  Slow down a little, smell the roses & tell your loved ones how much they are loved and cared for.

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  1. Goodness, I hope your dad is feeling better! How scary. And such a good reminder to not take anything or anyone for granted.

    I'm so glad I came across your post via Lora! I don't see your post linked up in the actual linkup- don't forget to do that! :) I would love for other people who linked up to be able to read your post.

  2. I am glad everything turned out okay and I hope your Dad has a smooth recovery and no more complications. Moments like those are good reminders to not take for granted what and who we have in our lives.


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