21 January 2015

Something about Me.

"Cause I got a couple dents in my fender, got a couple rips in my jeans. 

I'm Meghan, obviously.  I'm 22, when did that happen? I love Jesus, because without Him I'm nothing.  

I was born in April 1992, not expected to make it through the night, but I did. 

I didn't want my brother after three days, but he's still here & I've got lots more. 

I believe marriage is forever, but my parents wasn't and that's okay.

I didn't like my stepmom or stepsister the first time I met them, now they are two of my closest friends. 

I have something known as front nasal dysplasia, but you won't see me feeling bad for myself. 

I had two brain surgeries before I was eight, along with tubes in my eyes & my tonsils out, before I was a teenager, but I've been surgery free for the last almost ten years. 

I'm used to people staring at me, and will usually let it roll off of my back, because I'd rather look like me and have manners than look like you and have none at all. (& yes, I totally used that line on someone at Walmart once!)

I graduated Burnsville High School, not without barely squeaking by, but hey, a diploma's a diploma 2.8 or 4.0.  

I moved out to Elk River, & thus began the you're Mady & Ryan's sister aren't you questions. 

I got a job at Wal-Mart to get me through school. Wal-Mart is still there, but school's not.  

I love to write, but don't share it unless I trust you explicitly.  

I love to read, and 9 times out of 10 I stay up all night to finsih a book. 

I have a big family, and wouldn't know what to do if I was an only child. 

I have the best friends, who are like my family. 

I'm sassy, snarky and sarcastic, but would give you the shirt of my back. 

I'm also one of the nicest people unless you mess with my family, then my claws come out.  

I love love, and believe the perfect love story isn't romeo and juliet, but grandma and grandpa growinng old together. 

I believe the little moments make the best memories, and without them, you can become jaded. 

This is real, this is me♥


  1. I think it's cool you believe in Marriage being forever, even after your parents have split up. I also believe marriage is forever and mine have too. They lasted 33 years though which is good going!

  2. Girl you know I love this. <3

  3. No idea why this made me feel really emotional, but it totally did. love you, friend!

  4. I love this, especially the italicized portion following the statement! I'm so bad about staying up to read too. Surgery free for the last decade is so awesome!

  5. Love you too Rach!! xo.


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