20 January 2015

Project Pinterest Week 1.

Welcome, welcome to the first week of Project Pinterest! Jayme and I are SO happy you are here! This first month we would love if you linked up a project you've done off of Pinterest, but we also understand if you didn't have the time, so just link up your Pinterest account so we can follow you and PIN ALL THE THINGS! 

Link-Up Guidelines
1. Follow your fun hosts Jayme and Meghan.
2. Open up your Pinterest and find something fun to make/do!
(You can pick any category - food, DIY, etc. Your options are unlimited!)
3. Blog about your experience.
(Make sure to put the button somewhere on your post)
4. Link-up the THIRD Tuesday of each month. Please link-up to your specific post, not your homepage.
5. Put the button somewhere on your post so more friends can join!

You don't HAVE to comment on a certain number of other blogs,
but it would definitely make things a lot more fun if you did!

Each month we will both pick three of our personal favorites to "spotlight" in the next post.

We look forward to building community with you through participating in this link-up, as well as finally get something accomplished off of our Pinterest boards!

So without further ado, here's my January Project Pinterest!

Original Pin//Turning a large T-shirt into a form-fitting T.  You can find it here

My Take//

1//Original Shirt folded inside out. 2//After I had cut and tied 3//Finished product.

How it went//As you see, I don't have a picture with me in the shirt...well, that's because it was TOO small after I got done with it.  & the under arms turned out really weird.  I'm glad it was just a cheap shirt I had bought outside after George Strait's concert & not my nice GS tee.

Final Grade// C.  For my first time doing something off of Pinterest it went okay, but I would have liked to be able to wear the finished product! 

All right, now it's your turn! Link-up is below! 


  1. We made one of those in high school and I remember cutting out the arms and the neck line, luckily I had an extra one because the first time is always the learning curve it seems, lol!

  2. Aw that stinks. Can you try redoing them? Maybe untying and tying loser?


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