26 January 2015

Grateful Heart week 7.

Back for another edition of Grateful Heart, because it's Monday and that's just how we dooooo.  & look it's another evening edition, because that's just how I roll.  Okay enough Meghan, on to my gratefuls for today!

My Nightly Routine//I get home from work, let Karen know that I made it home safely, because she worries if I don't, play a round of Subway Surfers & an episode or two of Army Wives and then I'm out for the night.  It's a perfect way to wind down each evening.

The people that know you well enough to call you out when you aren't yourself//I was being really quiet and not myself apparently & Karen caught on to it and made some sort of comment that would normally make me laugh and I did one of those heh kind of things and she's like all right what's going on & I told her something that I've never told anyone else, save for Lora who I talked to after the fact & perhaps Jayme.

Half-price apps//Whenever my aunt and cousins come into town, we make it a point to stop at Applebee's for their half-price apps and a good catch-up sesh.

Ember Grey: Grateful Heart


  1. I hope everything okay! Message me if you need to chat :)

  2. I love half price apps! There's a local cali/texmex place that does them LATE on Thursday, Fri and Satruday but I never make it up there for that. Hope everything is okay. It's good that you have someone that just knows when something is off.

  3. It's a wonderful thing when people know you well enough to know when you're putting on a brave face, and gently nudge you until you can share. I'm glad you shared what was bothering you! Stopping by from GHM

  4. Routines can be so calming. My nightly routine tends to vary quite a bit but my morning routine is always the same: wake up, feed the dog and cat, start the coffee, and then walk around the house and open up the blinds while the coffee brews. It's calming :) Thanks for linking up, Meghan!


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