23 January 2015

Have Paws, Will Blog.

Me at not my best angle. 

Hello humans! 

I am Chloe, Meghan's Golden Retriever. But her grandma likes to think I'm hers.  I get where she sees that, since I only happy pee when she comes over.  At least that what the humans call it.  I call it she smells like old people & the only way I know how to voice my displeasure over that smell is to pee.  Just kidding Meghan's grandma, I love you.  Meghan's mom calls me an outside dog, Meghan just laughs and lets me cuddle with her in the guest bed, but shhh, that can be our little secret mmk? You know what my favorite thing EVER is? To be outside all day, visit our neighbors for some people food and then cry until Meghan or one of the other peoples let me in.  I then like to surprise them when they pet me with lots of stickers in my fur, so they have to brush me & love on me while my fur brother Cooper gets jealous and whines.  Chloe-1, Cooper-0.  Some of my other favorite things include guarding the empty dog food bags and whine-growl-barking until the humans hide it from me, bringing you something every time you come home varying from a sock to Dad's work boot, and playing with my chicken.  My least favorite thing is when they use the middle name treatment on me--Coop doesn't have a middle name, why should I have to have one?  It's Elizabeth by the way. Chloe Elizabeth.  But I gots to go, the humans will be back soon & I'm supposed to be in my kennel terrorizing laying nicely next to Coop.   

Chloe out!

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