10 January 2015

Saturday Snippets V.1

I've seen variations of this type of post floating through the blog world for the past year or two and I finally decided to start doing it myself.

Each Saturday(hopefully!), I want to share some of my favorite posts from around the web & then recap the week of posts that I did for this blog as well.

I loved this idea for all of my old t-shirts that I love, but don't wear anymore..

Jayme wrote this post about how her teaching life has changed in the last year & I loved the things she's learned & still wanting to learn.  

Are you a movie buff like I am? Erica shared some of the movies of 2015 that have her excited here.


& icymi on they call her meghan this week:

tuesday//link-up announcement for project pinterest. 

thursday//#meghandoes2015 & the golden vlog

So it wasn't the best blog week for me, but I'm so excited for this year, it's going to be awesome!

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  1. Oh I like that tshirt idea a lot!


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