01 February 2015

February Goals.

Before we get to February's goals, let's see how I did on January's!

Write 7500 words// I wrote 7500 words on a different story, not my CLAN novel though.   

Solidify linkup plans// We had our first Project Pinterest link-up on the 20th & the next one will be on February 17th, come join us! 
Get my ItWorks business started//This kind of got put on the back burner, but it's going to be a goal for February as well.  

No Fast Food// I did pretty well on this one, had two cheats, but other than that, I did really well.  

FMS Photo a Day// Nope. Next question. 

Blog 4x a week// This one went really well too! I'd say this was a pretty good goal month! 

Now onto February's...

Write 7500 words in Handwritten Love// No excuses!

Do a Saturday Snippets post each Saturday// You can never spread the blog love too much.  

Get 4 LC's for my ItWorks biz!// I want fun money! 

Get my taxes filed// I just have to get Lynn-Mom my CRP from my apartment and then she will be able to do them for me. 

FMS Photo a Day// Are you tired of seeing this on my goal list? Haha. 

No Facebook// This is the "no" for the month for Jayme & I. The only thing I will be doing is doing my nightly check-in to let Karen know I'm home via Messenger otherwise, the Facebook app is being deleted from my phone.  

Read 5 books// I was in a reading slump this month and I hate that! 

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  1. Hey you did better than me! I only read 2 books!


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