15 January 2015

#meghandoes2015 week 2.

008.365 Two coffees for the price of one grande.  I'll take it! 

009.365 Cooper wasn't happy until he was on the bean bag & I was sitting on the floor.  My dog is a spoiled brat. 

010.365 Coop didn't want to come sleep with me, so this bed hog known as Chloe did instead. It's a good thing she's cute. 

011. A wise woman once told that the true test of friendship was if you'd share your gooey butter cake with the person & how evenly you share it.  

012.365 Yes. This. 

013.365 This too.  I love it.  My love for #fireworkpeople is on the blog tomorrow! 

014.365 Total fangirl moment when this happened yesterday! 


  1. Totally jealous of the coffee. And the quote about being so weird....perfect.

  2. BOGO coffee?! Awesome! Totally would have fangirled too if someone I admired that's a "celeb" tweeted me too!


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