01 January 2015

January goals.

Hello 2015!

Before we go into my goals for January, I want to see how I did for December goals.

Write each day// I don't think I even looked at my book this month. Fail. 

Blog 3x a week// I posted 15 times, so that averages to more than 3x a week. YAY ME! Pass.

FMS Photo a Day Challenge// HA. HA. HA. I don't think I posted one, let alone all thirty. Fail. 

Decide what my 2015 goals will be// Yes. You can see that here

& onto January's goals. 

Write 7500 words// Instead of writing everyday, I want to aim for word count instead. 

Solidify linkup plans// Jayme and I have a link-up announcement that we will be sharing with everyone within the next week or two, we're pretty excited about it! Stay tuned.

Get my ItWorks business started// I'm actually quite excited about this as well.  I signed up as a distributor under Amanda & you guys, she is one of the sweetest, most awesome ladies I've ever met.  

No Fast Food// This is another Meghan & Jayme collab, We are doing a different "no" each month.  First month is no fast food. We're giving ourselves one cheat day, because hello Taco Johns and Subway. Lol. 

FMS Photo a Day// This will be my month for this! 

Blog 4x a week// I was able to do three times a week, let's up it to four this month! 

Let's kick off 2015 with a bang, I'm really pumped for 2015 like I said yesterday.  I'm going to be starting two new weekly series.  Thursday will be #Meghandoes2015 where I post my Project 365 pictures.  & then Saturday Snippets which will be my favorites from all around the blog world & the posts you may have missed on my blog for the week.  


  1. Happy 2015! Looking forward to following you more this year! I will use you to inspire me to update and write more often! Cheers! :)

  2. Happy New Year! You have some great goals. I need to sit down and figure out mine. I like having a goal word count instead of post count a week. Very clever!

  3. If It Works really does work...you'll have to hook a sister up! ;) I've been tempted...

  4. These are great goals! I love reading people's goals. I have some of mine figured out, but I'm still working on a few more. Good luck with them all in January!

  5. love the no fast food thing! i really need to do that! great goals!!

  6. thats a lot of goals! I hope you are able to accomplish each one and are happy with the results! A photo a day sounds super fun to do!

  7. These are great! Having a goal for blogging is so helpful for me, keeps me on track. Good luck and Happy New Year!

  8. What in the world is ItWorks?
    Also good luck with no fast food!


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