16 January 2015


I've been apart of the wonderful community known as #fireworkpeople since the beginning of December only & my life has been wildly changed for the better.

From the homepage of their website: "We are a space for women to be wildly encouraged, strengthened  & then COMMISSIONED to release their unique voice and purpose to the world." Can I get an amen? I started out hearing about #fireworkpeople in September or October & then saw it more and more on Twitter & finally searched out the group on Facebook, I admit I was a little scared that it wouldn't be as good as people said.  That it would be clique-y and that I wouldn't fit in.  But ladies? I was so wrong.  It felt like coming home.  Like I was missing 1000 of my closest friends and not even realized that I was missing them.  I've participated in three twitter chats since the new year and the encouragement and love and inspiration that has come from these parties? HAS BLOWN ME AWAY.

I seriously encourage each one of you to check out the facebook page here as well as the hashtag fireworkpeople on twitter or visit the website for more information, it will change your life! 

Have a great Friday loves! 

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  1. I LOVE Firework People. I'm so glad that you introduced me to them. You're right. It's literally like you have a ton of extra friends. I'm so excited to keep participating in the Twitter chats (even if I lose other real life followers because I get annoying haha). It's so encouraging! I always come out of them ready to conquer the world.


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