22 January 2015

#MeghanDoes2015 week 3.

015.365 Shot pool and had fun at ladies night with these two & others. 

016.365 #stepoutinblue in support of law enforcement. This is a cause near to my heart! 

017.365 Favorite comment on this picture goes to my best friend...."Yeah it's InTouch, I don't believe this stuff til it hits People." Truer words have not been spoken. 

018.365 Watching Biggest Loser with Mady&Gage. 

019.365 My early morning view after waking up from a horrible nightmare that Jayme had an inoperable brain tumor.  Not fun. 

020.365 This may be my new favorite picture of myself actually.  

021.365 Just make yourself at home Coop! Long legs you have there dog! 

1 comment:

  1. I love Coop! he's such a lovely looking dog! I so wish I had started a 365 this year, seems weird starting one from the end of January though haha!


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