08 January 2015

#MeghanDoes2015 week 1

This will be the year I finish project 365! I made it all the way to October last year and just stopped.  Bad Meghan!

I want to post my pictures weekly, so here is the first installment of #MeghanDoes2015

Went out for drinks with friends to ring in the New Year.  So much fun and also much needed! 

The time I was finally able to climb into bed after a very long day of work! 

& I wonder why I still continue to live in Minnesota #brr


The 2015 edition of the Minnesota Selfie! 

Watching Twister with my best friend.  This is my favorite scene of the whole movie. When Bill admits to himself and to Jo that he still loves her. 

New long johns! Yay! 

Are you doing the 365 challenge? 
Do you have a hashtag that I can follow along with it? 


  1. I love these. :) Your pictures always make me smile because we're at that point where I know pretty much exactly what you were doing or thinking in all of them. ;)


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