14 January 2015


...reading all the blogs I'm behind on.  

...watching, old episodes of Army Wives on Netflix. 

...trying to get pumped up about working tomorrow.  

...eating nothing at the moment.  Going to order Dominos in a little bit. 

...pinning lots of random things per usual.   

...tweeting all of the #fireworkpeople things & Kim Watson aka Aaron Watson's wife tweeted me back! He's a Texas country singer that is one of my favorites 

...going crazy with the cold temperatures. I'm ready for Spring.   

...loving my friends and family.  

...discovering how much I have to be grateful for.  I rediscover this daily it seems  

...enjoying the last hours of my days off. Although I was up until 3:30 this morning so I could easily have almost 10 hours before bed.   

...thinking about what I want from Dominos.  

...feeling like 2015 is off to a kickass start.  

...hoping that it warms up even a little bit, I wouldn't mind even the 30s, which is supposed to happen with the next few days.  

...listening to Army Wives. 


  1. Army Wives was included in my Netflix binges post today!! I really need to re-visit those girls and Dr. Burton, lol. Dominos is the closest to our house but we've never actually ordered from them. I might have to try them after my spending freeze/no eating out is done this month!

  2. LOL Girl how many times have you watched Army Wives through?


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