31 December 2014

Out with 2014, In with 2015.

2014 was most definitely a year of change, growth and learning for me.  I moved out of my parents house and moved on from pursuing a degree in something that I no longer had interest in. I had a second job for a few months and learned that it's okay to stand up for yourself when you're being treated unfairly & it's okay to throw in the towel when you don't get the respect you know you deserve from coworkers.  I've understood more than ever, how much my work family has my back and wants me to succeed and cheers me on just as much as my real family.

One of the very first pictures I took in 2014. 
I'm hoping 2015 will be a year of laughter, joy & more growth.  I pray that I smile more than I cry, give more than I take & not take a moment of my wonderful life for granted.  

For the first time, I've chosen a word for the year, which is going to be prosper.  I want to prosper in my faith, my relationships, my job & my dreams.  I haven't been more excited for a new year since 2010 which was the year I graduated high school.  I think God has big plans for me this year, ones that I hope I can embrace with open arms.  

One of the very last pictures of 2014. 
I also have 15 goals I'd like to accomplish in 2015. 

1) Read my Bible daily and finish reading it cover-to-cover by 2016. 
2)Complete the 52 week savings challenge
3)Finish Handwritten Love.
4)Blog 3x a week
5)Read 100 books
6)Celebrate my 5 year work anniversary
7)Pay my Mom back for helping me with my student loan deal.
8)Take at least 1 out of state trip
9)Start a gratitude/prayer journal. Along with a daily journal. 
10)Complete project 365. Blog about it.
11)Drink more water.
12)Write at least 4x a week(books or whatever my WIP is)
13)complete NaNoWriMo.
14)Be more active in #fireworkpeople, the peony project & the blog love project.
15) Save all of my $5 bills.


  1. I am also doing the 52 week savings challenge! Are you doing it backwards (starting with $52) or forward (starting with $1). Also, I like the idea of saving your $5 bills! Do you use this to save for something fun?

  2. You've got some great goals! Drinking more water is definitely one of mine. I just downloaded an app for my phone called 'Hydro Coach' It helps you to track your water intake. It's really good! Good luck! *erica*


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