03 September 2013

Tuesday Thoughts.

I truly hate to start out on a somber note, but everyone needs to go read THIS by one of my favorite hometown bloggers, Kelly about blog privacy.  I'll wait til you go read it.....okay back? If I found out anyone stole my pictures and/or my identity, I would be devastated and that's putting it lightly.  I'd probably want to cause bodily harm to the person.  

Next, when did I become a once a week blogger? When it became state fair/uncle in town/other aunt & uncle and family in town time.  The last few weeks have been pretty awesome.  After my first state fair experience this year, I went back twice more and the second time I went, we went in the afternoon/evening and it was pure bliss. We were front row for both the 5 and 10p news on our favorite local channel, if you live in Minnie, you probably saw me!  We also definitely ate our way through the fair! My favorite was the sweet Martha's cookies(LE DUH!) and then the apple dumpling with ice cream.  

It's that time of year again! As I'm typing this post, I'm sipping my first PSL of the year.  Woohoo!  & they even spelled my name right without me having to say anything.  Also on a related note, I got my Starbucks Gold Rewards now too!  

I'm looking for new ways of doing ad swaps now, after not doing them for awhile, I think I'm gonna start back up, I haven't fully decided how and at what capacity, but I am looking into it.  I may just go the old-fashioned route and do the old emailing the html of the button to the swapper, I'm not sure though.  Thoughts? Ideas? Opinions?

I know I'm committing a blogging sin by not adding a picture to this post, but after what happened to Kelly, I'm not in the mood to put personal pictures up.  

Have a great Monday  Tuesday!


  1. You're so sweet, Meghan :-) Thanks for spreading the word!

  2. I hated to read about Kelly this morning. Makes me so sad that people invade others privacy like that.

    Our state fair is coming up this month, and I can't wait to go eat my way through it too! :)


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