05 September 2013

People Aren't Going to Like You.

I was totally going to write about a completely different topic, for this prompt, but then I remembered back to junior year spanish...there was a senior girl in there who couldn't stand me for whatever reason, and she would just glare at me whenever the teacher had her back turned.  My stepmomma was my rock during those years, so I emailed her for advice, and of course she delivered, her advice to me was this: just ignore her, there's nothing you can do if she's already made up her mind to not like you, and to be honest, she probably is jealous of you.  

Jealous of me? No way, but I kept reading on.  She went on to say that people weren't gonna like me and wish they could have what I had. & what was it I had exactly that these people who she didn't think were gonna like me wanted that I had? My relationship with Christ.  They saw me as a threat, and I don't mean that in an oh my gosh, I'm gonna threaten you kind of way either, just that they wanted what I had and they didn't know how to get it.  I was set apart for loving Jesus.  

& that advice? has carried me through many trials that I have faced.  I actually still have the email pinned to my bulletin board and will read it when I'm down because so-and-so doesn't like me or is saying mean things about me.  

Have your parents or another person you look up to ever given you a piece of advice that stuck with you through the years? I'd love to hear it! 


  1. Love this! I'm kinda going through a similar situation right now where I just can't seem to please everyone. And I need to accept that. Not everyone will be happy with what I do and I just need to make sure that I AM happy, they don't matter :) Thanks for this reminder!


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