16 September 2013

that's why God made me.

Today's prompt for blogtember was to write a love letter, and it didn't have to be romantic love. Good, I don't have a special significant other, so I decided to write to my work momma Karen.

Dear Momma,

First of all, I MISS YOU! Come back from vacation soon, work is quite depressing without you.  Thank you for always being my biggest supporter and listening to me whine, vent and cry about stupid drama.  I was listening to Pandora the other day & a song called That's Why God Made Me came up and most of it doesn't apply to us, but there's a part that goes, "He made your mother, so you'd always have a friend, your sister and brother to fight with now and then, God made your father to show you how a man should be & he knew you'd need someone to always love you and that's why God made me." Pretty sure that sums up how I feel about you, you're my person that will always love me no matter what.

So proud to be considered your youngest daughter.

love you more,

your squeezebox/little bit.

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