10 September 2013

True Life: I'm 21 and still live at home.

As I've gotten older, I've started more and more looking back and retracing the steps my life has taken to get me to the point I am today.

The song This by Darius Rucker is pretty much how I feel about everything.

I threw around a few different ideas for this post before finally settling on the decision to live at home and go to a community college instead of going out into the big bad world *sarcasm font* and go to a four year school and get a dorm,  I think this really shaped my life.

The first year or so of living with my dad(I moved out of my mom's after graduation), I had a lot of what if, did I do the right thing? type feelings, not that I didn't and still don't love living with my dad, because I love it and am blessed greatly by it, but I often wondered, was it the right choice for me? Would I regret it down the road that I chose to stay at home instead of moving out?

I have changed so much between making the decision to move out to my Dad's in 2010 to this year.  

Looking back, just over three years later, I can say, I would definitely make that choice again, and that this choice has changed my life for the good.

If I hadn't moved to my Dad's, I wouldn't have gotten my job with Walmart and met all the wonderful people there, I wouldn't have been as close with my family & my grandparents, I wouldn't have become as independent as I am,

What was a choice that changed your life?  Would you make that choice again?


  1. I stayed home after graduating high school and went to a local school. While I wanted to eventually move out of that town, I opted to stay local for a while, at least until I got married. What's right for one isn't always right for the other, but I think we will always have the question of how things would be different if we chose a different path in life.

  2. I think it's awesome that your dad still lets you live there! So many parents want their kids OUT. you're a lucky girl! xoxo


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