25 September 2013

6 weeks.

This summer has been one of change and growth and adjustment for me.  And with those things come difficulties, growing pains if you will.  I spent the middle six weeks of summer pretty much an outsider in my own family.  & it's my fault. No, I'm not saying that to get a poor pitiful me, believe me.

I guess I should mention that I don't drive, just a personal preference I guess, so I depend on other people to give me rides.

Anyways, my Grandma was going to pick me up from the train station in our town(we have a commuter train that goes from Mpls to my hometown and back), and I communicated to my Dad and Mady that I had a ride, and somehow it didn't get back to my Grandma.

Mistake #1-Not communicating with her directly.

I found out through my sister, that my grandma was upset with me, argued with mady and my grandma.

Mistake #2-"Communicating" through Mady via text message.  I don't blame Mady for this, I should have quit texting through her and got off my butt and went over and talked to my Grandma.

Mistake #3-Refusing to apologize, as in I told my Dad I did absolutely nothing wrong, I didn't ask for help, so why should I apologize if I wasn't sorry, if I apologized and wasn't truly sorry, what would my authentic apologies mean then?

I was and still am splitting my time between my parents' houses going to work and then to school as well, and I would complain to my mom that I felt like an outsider and how everyone was treating me like crap and then I'd go home and go to work and whine about how much I missed my family and wish it would all just go away.

Mistake #4- Not listening to my work friends earlier when they said to just go talk to her! She'll forgive you! It took me six weeks of being pestered before I got off my high horse and walked(my grandparents live two houses down) over and talked to her.

Now, our relationship is back on track and I finally am back on good terms with everybody.  It was a sucky six weeks, but it taught me a lot I think.

So tell me, when did you make a mistake? I won't judge you promise

(p.s. I'm kinda scared to post this because it's personal to me, but I want to show you the good AND the bad of my life, so just go easy, k?)

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