06 September 2013

Incoming Call.

"You ready to watch the movie?" Lynn asks. "Yup." I say.  Two minutes in and we've paused the movie for her to talk to my Dad and then we press play again as the home phone rings.  "Hello?" I say.  "Meghan?" my mom asks. "Yeah?" I say.  "I've got some bad news." "What's going on?" I ask getting up from my place on Lynn and Dad's bed where I was laying watching the movie.  "Grandma's stopping dialysis." 

Those three words scared me and changed my world forever.  My Grandma had health issues all her life and the last three years of her life, she was on dialysis for her kidneys.  The call came on March 1st 2012 that she was no longer going to receive dialysis by her own decision.  I was able to say goodbye to her one last time that weekend, and on March 7th 2012, she left this Earth.  To say I miss her every day would be an understatement, but I know she's up with my Grandpa watching down on me, and I know she's no longer in pain.  Those two facts help me dull the ache of missing her.  

When was a time you were afraid?

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