09 September 2013

I Need You To Need Me

Why yes it is, 11:15 pm and I am just now posting.  Fall allergies kicked my butt today, but I really really wanted to post, so here I am :)

So for today's Blogtember, we had to go and take this personality quiz, and so I did, and I got ISFJ, and I totally was nodding my head along with most of it, but the few things that really stood out to me were:

-their need to be needed: I feel really good when I think somebody needs me.  I like being needed, I guess I wouldn't go far as to say I need to be needed, I just like that feeling

-being taken advantage of because of my undying loyalty: this happened a lot more in High school then it does know, but I still let people walk over me too much

-their families are the centers of their lives: if you have read my blog for any amount of time, you'd agree that I definitely have my family as my center.

What personality type are  you? :Take the short quiz and let me know!

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