23 September 2013

Meghan Lately.

How are all of you loves on this chilly(at least here in Minnie!) Monday Morning?

I'm doing pretty good.  Enjoying a day off after working the last four.  The last four that dragged(drug?) by, partly because I was back and forth from the back of the front of the store more than I count and part because I miss my work momma because she's been gone for the last almost two weeks on vacation, which is SO not fair.

I haven't been doing anything too overly exciting lately, reading a few books here and there, I just finished up the Bared to You series by Sylvia Day and I loved it, think a much tamer and more of a storyline 50 shades.

I've been drinking altogether way too many pumpkin spice lattes, I should just buy stock in the 'Bucks.

I signed up to be a part of a this girl's blogging fantasy football team, for my first time doing it, I think I'm doing pretty good and haven't completely fallen flat on my face...yet.  Speaking of football, good thing I don't root too heavily for my Vikings, otherwise I'd be quite miserable.  3 and 0 guys, really? #notcool

I've been spoiling this pup and his brother and sister.  He's my favorite, but shh, don't tell the others!

& I was scrolling through my blog feed the other day, and Miss Amber was having a blog sale and I bought my first coach purse from her, I kind of love it, I was in dire need of a new purse, just didn't feel like looking for a new one, so this came along at the perfect time.

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  1. Hey there! Just wanted to say thanks for the follow on Pinterest; I'm happy to be following you back :o) Hope you are having a great Tuesday!


  2. love the coach bag! its timeless and will never really go out of style :)



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