25 September 2013

Sisters for Life & Best Friends Forever.


This birthday marks a special one, we have now been sisters for more of your birthdays than not.  You are the crazy to my laidback.  We drive each other crazy, but I know that no matter what, if I needed you, you'd be here for me.  You are my biggest supporter and my best friend.  We aren't just Meghan and Mady, but we're "the girls." I can't believe you are already eighteen, since when did we get to be so old? I hope you have a great birthday and I wouldn't want anybody else as my sister, you push me, you pull me, you make me laugh and on occasion made me cry.  I love you so much seester!  


  1. Aww, how sweet! Sisters really are the best. Happy birthday to Mady! xoxo

  2. this is so sweet! i DREAMED about having a sister my whole life -- lucky you :) happy birthday, mady!



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