11 September 2013

Finish The Sentence.


First time linking up, let's do this thing!

My happy place... is my grandparents house.  

Whatever happened to... evening TV? Kudos if you got that reference!  

So what if I.... have had way too many PSLs already?   

E! needs a reality show about... umm...

My go-to fast food meal is... a McDonalds snack wrap..

You might not know that I...used to work as a dietary aide.  

The hottest quarterback in the NFL is... Aaron Rodgers. He seems to be the popular vote it seems :) 

If I could... the laundry to put itself away, I'd be golden.  

My personality is awesome because... I will do just about anything once.  

Twerking is.... never the answer.  

I think it's super gross when... I have to see ABC gum...yuck! 

Someone needs to tell Miley Cyrus.... that Lindsay Lohan wants her job as captain of the hot mess express back.  


  1. love that last one! ;) Never heard the expression before, but it's perfect!

  2. So, I am in charge of our Homecoming Dance, and on the permission forms, I was asked to add a very professionally worded "no twerking" clause. I couldn't believe we had gotten to that point!

  3. That exactly what I want....laundry to put itself away. I don't mind washing it, drying it, and folding it..it's just the putting it away!

  4. Oh I how I wish laundry really did put it self away! If my clothes would just float to the closet and lay nicely on the shelves my life would be so wonderful LOL

  5. I widh my laundry would put itself away too! :)


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