12 September 2013


I think you can learn a lot at school, but you learn so much more in the real world, not saying you don't learn a lot in school, but you learn a lot of useful things outside of a brick building as well.  Some of the best things I've learned have come from this here blog, the last three years.

Everybody isn't going to like you...and that's okay.

I'm a people pleaser to a fault.  I a lot of the times put others' happiness in front of mine, and want them to be happy with me and like me.  Nothing brought me out of that line of thinking more than the first time I was a part of a Twitter fight and the first time I got into a disagreement over something I or another person had posted.

Be yourself, everyone else is taken.  

In the beginning, like most newbie bloggers, I thought oh my gosh I want x amount of followers and watched that number obsessively and I wanted to be like this blogger and that blogger, but then I got burnt out and started writing how and what I wanted to and I love blogging again.

A Place of my Own. 

I've written about it before, but blogging has been my one thing, the one thing I can be known for.  For my brothers and sisters it was sports or academics or music, but for me, it's this blog and it's not Mady's or Ryan's or Olivia's or Matt's or Zak's or Nik's, but MINE.  & it's something I can be proud of and have fun with.

So what's something you've learned from blogging/social media.

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