16 April 2015

The House That Built Me.

My parents split when I was a young girl, 7 or 8, my mom moved to a suburb south of the cities and I lived with her and my younger brother and her boyfriend who turned into my stepdad a few years later. I'm not saying I didn't like living in that house, because I have many happy memories there. I loved the people there, and I still consider it a home.


Yes, there is a but. My dad moved to another suburb of the cities. He married my Lynn-Mom, and they remodeled her house.  This house will always be the house that built me as Miranda Lambert sings. I've had some of the best times in that house, I've laughed so hard my sides hurt in that house when my entire family gets together. I've cried so many tears that I didn't know there were any more when we lost a family member or upon learning my Grandpa's cancer was back.

I fell in love with the small(er) town way of life. I'm a country girl through and through. There's something about the fact that both my Dad and Lynn-Mom were raised here, spread their wings for a bit, but ended up in their hometown.  I love it.

Do your parents still live in your childhood home?

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