23 April 2015

Four of a Kind.

I've seen this on a number of blogs, but most recently on Hillary's, so I thought I'd borrow it! 

Four of my nicknames
1. Megs. 
2. Meggy. Ugh I hate it. Mady calls me this just because she knows it drives me nuts. 
3. Squeezebox. Karen's nickname for me. She's the only one that calls me it & it's because I give good hugs she says :)  
4. Little One-My supervisors call me this sometimes, not as much as when I first started, but Karen & Renee still do. 

Four places I've lived 
1. Elk River, MN
2. Anoka MN
3. Burnsville MN
4. Mounds View MN

Four TV shows I watch 
1. Army Wives
2. Nashville
3. Greys
4. Scandal

Four places on my travel bucket list
1. Jamaica
2. Nashville
3. North Carolina (again)
4. Colorado (again)

Four jobs I've had
1. Customer service(my current job)
2. Panera 
3. Cashier
4. Dietary Aide. 

Four movies I've seen more than four times 
1. Twister
2. 8 Seconds
3. The Proposal
4. Baby Mama

Four things in my purse
1. my notebook
2. a book--right now it's If You Find This Letter by Hannah Brencher. 
3. my journal
4. my sunglasses

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