22 April 2015

How to Push My Buttons.

So I was reading through my bloglovin' list this morning, not really knowing what I wanted to write about, until I read Helene's post for today, so shout out to her for this idea! She wrote about ways to make her mad, and I was like, YAS. This needs to be a post on my blog, so here I am, confiscating her idea!

I am usually a pretty happy-go-lucky person and I don't let too much get my undies in a bunch, but here are a just a few things that make me upset:

-When people don't say please & thank-you.

-When I don't get the respect I know I should, just because I'm young and look even younger.

-People who make blanket statements about law enforcement.

-Getting told that my best friend, can't be my best friend because I only get to see her a couple times a year(yes this has happened. No it didn't end well for the person who tried telling me this!)

-When you are interacting with me on social media and spell my name wrong, I have my name in all of my usernames/handles/email addresses, so just remember, it's Meghan with a G & an H :)

-That Army Wives got cancelled.

-That Olivia and Fitz still aren't together.

-When I hear, "they're not blood, they're not your family."

What's something that gets under your skin?

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