21 April 2015

Round Deux.

After my first sisterhood award, Erica also tagged me so I'm going to answer her questions as well :)

1. What is your most favorite movie and why?
I have two. 8 seconds and Twister. Both are movies that I watch over and over again, but still feel the same emotions as the first time I saw them. 
2. Looking back on your life, what are you most proud of?
Going the extra mile whenever I can! 
3. Are you doing what you love? If not, what would you rather be doing?
I like my job a lot, but it's not my dream, I would love to write books errrday. 
4. Describe your perfect Sunday.
Starting out with coffee and church, lunch with my work mom, watch the race and Jeff Gordon would win & then I'd have dinner and cards with my grandparents. #boom. 
6. What is your full name and the story behind it?
Meghan Anna Brown. I was going to be Brittany, but then my aunt and uncle named their dog Brittany so that was out. My mom wanted me to be Anna Marie but my Grandma told her it was too old fashioned for a baby girl, so I'm Meghan Anna. 
7. What would you like your next vacation to be?
Going to see Jayme, but my next vacation will be Up North for a country festival & then down to see Jayme in AUGUST! 
8. If you could ask Santa for anything in the world, what would it be?
Another Cooper puppy. 
9. What do you love most about blogging?
Writing my feelings out without being judged too harshly. 
10. What you hear the word "Happy" what is the first thing that comes to mind?
Gilmore :P 

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