13 April 2015


Drinking: my first cup of coffee this morning out of my #fireworkpeople mug. 

Wearing: my BG shirt that Jayme got me for my birthday and a pair of hockey sweats.  

Refusing To: be talked down to because of my age, I deserve respect just as much as my older counterparts.

Wanting: my days off to be nice weather-wise & it seems like they're going to be! 

Feeling: blessed to live this amazing life! 

Eating: nothing at the moment, although my stomach is kind of grumbling at me.

Listening To: Shotgun Rider by Tim McGraw. 

Loving: that I got to spend a week and a half pet-sitting for my parents while they were out of town. I missed home.  

Excited About: warmer weather...FINALLY! 

Wishing: that it was August so I could go see my best friend and her hot hubby. Hashtag bestest for the restest hashtag inside joke

Admiring: my work momma, her health setbacks don't knock her down, but she's as stubborn as an old mule & that drives me crazy as well :)

Clicking:  All my unreads on bloglovin' 

Saying Good-Bye To:  Winter. Finally. 

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