15 April 2015

Reflecting on 22.

13 days ago I turned 23. Which to me sounds so much older than 22, but I digress.

The majority of 21 was spent living a lie, until the lie couldn't live anymore, at almost 22, I finally told the truth about going to school and having a big girl job.

If 21 was the year of the lie, then 22 was the year of building & re-building.

I moved out on my own for the first time, this helped me build my indpendence.

In the tail end of 21, I started a second job, 22 saw me building confidence by standing up for myself when I wasn't getting respect at that second job & quitting when I couldn't take another shift ending in tears.

It took me almost all of 22 to feel like I had my parents trust back, it took until the end of January(a little over two months before I turned 23) when my dad was in the hospital to make me feel like I had re-built that trust.

If 22 was the year of building and rebuilding, then what will 23 be?

Here's what I'm speaking over my twenty-third year.

I will finish my first book.

I will love deeper.

Hug longer.

Smile bigger.

I will spread love and not hate.

I'm going to make year 23 the best year yet!

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