01 September 2016

Blogtember 1| Introductions

Hey y'all! (This is where I admit that I'm not from anywhere near the south, but definitely say y'all.)

I'm Meghan. I am 24 as of April 2nd and I still love celebrating my birthday.

I'm a small town country girl who loves love. My idea of a fairy-tale isn't Romeo and Juliet, but it's the real life story of my grandma and grandpa growing old together. I truly believe my Dad and Lynn-Mom's house is the house that built me and I love going back there. One of my favorite places to be is when we are all gathered at my grandparents' house and we are all sitting around their table and we're laughing and talking all over each other, it's bliss to me.

My family is pretty awesome and big and loud and I honestly would be so lost without them.

I love writing and definitely think I can write better than I talk. I'm working on a four book series about four cousins who live in Texas and are best friends. The first book is called Handwritten Love & I will talk about it with whoever will listen :)

Reading is also one of my favorite ways to unwind. I will read just about anything once.

Country music is usually what's playing in my earbuds, and I love going to concerts as much as work and my bank account will let me :P

All of this is inconsequential without one thing. & that is my faith and relationship with Jesus.  Without that I'm absolutely nothing.

I'm so excited for the Blogtember challenge and getting to know my favorite bloggers more!

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