11 September 2016

Blogtember 11| Instagram Faves.

Instagram is probably my favorite platform of social media, I love seeing the behind the scenes photos that my favorites post, I'm not one of those people that go all gooey over the staged photos that a lot of the people seem to enjoy posting.


Melissa and I met when I decided to become an Itworks Distributor for a period of time last year.  I met up with her and one of my blog friends Kenzie last winter.  Her feed always gives me hope and I love that she always keeps it real, no filter on her life, the hard stuff, the fun stuff, the great stuff, the messy stuff, it's all on her feed.


Kenzie is the one I talked about above. She's been through so much at a young age, even more than I was at that age and yet she still finds ways to encourage and to smile. I love her heart.


My bestest, I love all of the pictures of her little man and all of the memes she sends me and all of that type of awesomeness.  She's the one I go to when I need a pick-me-up and a good laugh. Love my best friend.


A good majority of my feed is dog 'grams and this is my favorite one. A GSP and a Weim account. #puppylove

What's one of your favorite feeds on IG?


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Drop me a comment, I'll make sure to check out your blog ♥

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