07 September 2016

Blogtember 7| Joyful 5.

One week down, three weeks left, I'm loving these prompts! Today we're talking five things that bring you joy.

one| My dogs. Cooper, Chloe & Leader are my babies and they bring me immense joy. Whether it be when they cuddle up to me when I come home or when they do something so ridiculous that I can't help but laugh.

two| Road trips with my Momma.

three| When my Lynn-Mom calls me for a simple question and we end up having a twenty minute conversation. I miss when I lived at home and we talked all the time, but this is the second best thing.

four| Solving a problem that stumps other people. Especially at work. I love when I find the answer to something difficult.

five| When Jayme and I can have on-going conversations on multiple platforms. We can be talking on facebook messenger, tweeting and texting on three different subjects and somehow we don't get them mixed up. My best friend is pretty awesome. #justsayin

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