05 September 2016

Blogtember 5| Memorable Birthday.

Five days in! The fifth prompt for Blogtember is what was your most memorable birthday.

Growing up I have some pretty awesome birthday memories...

My 4th birthday party was at Discovery Zone and as imagined it was AWESOME!

I celebrated I believe it was my 13th birthday by racing NASCAR simulators with my g-rents, my dad and lynn-mom and it was fun, even funnier afterwards when my dad almost threw up because of them ;)

My 17th birthday was celebrated by going to Texas Roadhouse with the family and sitting on the saddle for the first time.

My 18th and 19th birthdays were spent at the casino up north with my Granny.

This year I spent the day with lots of "my people" I had lunch with my work momma, spent the rest of the day with my dad, lynn-mom and ryan & then Mady took me out for a sisters day the day after my birthday where she got this wonderful clip

But the birthday memory I really want to talk about is the surprise party my Granny and my aunt Jenny planned for me for my 14th birthday. I would spend a lot of school vacation time up north between my mom's parents and my dad's parents, and that year my birthday must have fell in the spring break time frame because that's when they threw it.  I had no idea and it was wonderful.  What makes it extra special is that it was the last birthday I got to celebrate with my Grandpa before he passed away that September.

My family-immediate and extended know how to have a fun party and create great memories, I'm so grateful for all the fun and love not only surrounding my birthdays but every day!

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