03 September 2016

Blogtember 3| Summer favorites

Today's prompt for Blogtember is...share your summer 2016 favorites


Well, my cousin Stephanie and I got to see a lot of great live music this summer between Easton Corbin at the beginning of May as well as all of the acts at Moondance in June. If I had to pick two favorites for the live music, it would probably be Easton Corbin & Dierks Bentley. For music released this summer, I really loved Kelsea Ballerini's Peter Pan, Chris Janson was an artist that I discovered and really loved his story outside of his music & Kane Brown was hit or miss with me. My next concert looks to be Kip Moore with Steph and then probably Cole Swindell with a group of Mady's friends.

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This summer was full of some great moments, a lot of hanging out with my neighbor turned one of my best friends Trisha. Making late night taco bell runs, giving in to the Pokemon Go craze. It was also random Saturdays spent hanging out with Mady doing nothing spectacular just being silly and hanging out. A quick Pine Lake run one Friday in June to set up our camper and to unwind. Roadtripping with my momma three times in a six week period in late spring/early summer up north to celebrate graduations and to go to the aforementioned Moondance with my cousin.


Some of my favorite memories from this summer are  FINALLY making it up to Pine Roost for a weekend with my family. It had been since 2014 that I made an appearance save for that quick couple hour trip we made on the Friday mentioned above. Played multiple games of Pegs and Jokers, a family Ranger ride to check out the flood levels after historic rains and just unplugged for a couple days, it was much needed. I also got to make another trip to Valleyfair with my cousins where we spent all day literally open to close riding all the rides and just having a great time, it was a great way to spend a Friday off. Having a week off in mid-August that had no plans after Iowa this summer was a no-go, I spent half of it just chilling at my apartment doing nothing of importance and then the other half hanging out with my family when a family friend was in town from California. All in all summer 2016 was a blast and I can hardly believe it's almost over!

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