10 September 2016

Blogtember 10|Day in the Life.

So on one of the first days of this challenge, we shared favorites of the season and I posted going to valleyfair with my cousins as one of my favorites.

& since today's prompt is to share a day in the life, well what better day to share than a day with the three musketeers from open to close at Valleyfair?

We had a beautiful day and instead of the MOA having Camp Snoopy, Valleyfair has it. Let me just say, Camp Snoopy belongs at MOA, Berenstein Bears belong at Valleyfair, thank you very much!

The "bird" ride as we affectionately dubbed it was new this year and we had fun taking selfies on each ride we took. The first picture of the two is most definitely how she looks at me sometimes because I can be kind of crazy at times :P

The ferris wheel was an adventure. I don't know how we ended up on it because all three of us had some degree of fear when it would stop suddenly, especially when we were at the top. 

The Mad Mouse was where we took the original three musketeers selfie 2 summers ago. We recreated the picture to a T. 

The tilt-a-whirl was one of the three rides we rode the most I'd bet. It was tied between the tilt-a-whirl, the swings & the bird ride. We rode most of the rides at least once in the day time and once at night because we liked seeing them all lit up. We didn't ride excalibur at all because it hurts like hell(it's an old wooden coaster and jars you all over the place) & we rode Renegade only once because we always forget that it gives you almost as bad of a headache as excalibur because it also is a wooden coaster. We didn't do PowerTower because we refused to get stuck at the top and just didn't feel like riding the one that shoots up. On the tilt-a-whirl we'd get spinning so fast that it hurt to laugh which in turn led to hurting to breathe because we always ended up laughing. 

Can you spot the Meghan? It took me a while when looking at these photos after a month or so and then I was like OH HEY THERE I AM! We somehow didn't loose any phones or drop them or get them confiscated because we weren't really supposed to have them out once we boarded the rides. #whoops

If I had to pick any one picture that was my favorite from this three musketeers trip it would be this one. I'm pretty sure the swings were designed for younger kids, but it's one of our favorite rides every time we go.  

Megs, Pookie & Red. The 3 Musketeers. We're cousins because Lord knows our mothers couldn't handle all 3 of us as sisters.  

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  1. Thanks for sharing looks like you had a great time. Amber scott


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