08 September 2016

Blogtember 8| Tour.

So today's prompt is share a glimpse of your space.

I put my own twist on this prompt and I'm going to share a short story I wrote about my pair of couches that are in my living room.

I also have a larger couch across from this one. 

Before these blue couches found their second home in my first apartment, they had a stay in storage, but before that, they had their home in my grandma and grandpa's living room. I think that's a big reason why they're so special to me. I sat on these couches as I listened to stories from my grandpa and dad. I sat on these couches when Barry, a family friend, would dress up as Santa and hand out gifts. I slept on these couches when I'd come out to my Dad's while our house was being remodeled. Now that they are in my apartment, they have been where I have written crucial scenes in my book that's a work in progress, they've been home to prayers during my quiet time. Where I lay my head when I can't sleep and where I enjoy my favorite shows. These couches have seen me as a young girl, as a teenager and now as a young woman on my own. These couches are something that now have sentimental value to me. I'm excited to see where they will be in the next stages of my life.

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