02 September 2016

Blogtember 2| Goal-getter

Today's prompt for Blogtember is share a list of your current goals.

Take Cooper and Chloe to the shot clinic without it becoming a big fiasco. This in theory should go off without a hitch. Cooper is laidback most of the time, his golden retriever counterpart however can be a bit of a spaz of epic proportions. Wish me luck. Mady and I are in tag-teaming it. 

Enjoy Chicagoland with my stepdad. My mom got my stepdad two tickets to the Chicagoland Speedway for Christmas last year & he's bringing me & I'm pretty pumped about it, we also have pit passes so that's going to be AWESOME!

Celebrate Mady's Birthday. Not sure what we are doing yet for the seester's birthday, I'm sure her and I will end up going out one night to celebrate. 

Schedule a dentist appointment. I'm going to try and get it for the same day my rescheduled ortho appointment is, which would be the end of October but if I at least get it scheduled I'll be happy. 

Complete blogtember! Two posts down, twenty-eight to go. 

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