10 August 2016

I confess..

I haven't confessed in a while, so I thought I'd give it a go this week once again.

I confess that Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy just came up on my music app and I still can sing every word and did so proudly.

I confess that I'm in that weird state of mind where I want summer to last forever, but at the same time SO ready for the fall.

I confess that I really do not want to go to my orthodontist appointment tomorrow but I have to go anyway.

I confess that I cuddled a kitty and I liked it.  My sister has two cats--Frank and Max and they both were so cute!

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I confess that I can handle my sister's friends in small doses, but by the end of last night, I was ready to have my alone time.

I confess that this is the first post on my new computer and I'm working on getting everything transferred over from my old one!

What's something you are confessing today?

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  1. Weird story about Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy...I once went to Fred Thompson's campaign trail back when he was running for the GOP candidacy a few years back...well Rich was there promoting him and sung that song. He said that his parents (who are ministers) were horrified at the song but he told them it's okay because he tithed on everything he earned with the song...I thought that was pretty neat...you mentioned the song so I had to share the story!


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