26 September 2016

Blogtember 26| Lora.

I know I have completely sucked it up for the last few weeks of the challenge, but I did ask one of my best blogging friends who's more like a sister to me to write a guest post for me, so I'll turn it over to Lora now!

Hello Meghan Anna readers! I'm Lora and I blog over at Lora Living Healthy where I talk about a lot of things - my struggle to get healthy, my love for country music, do random movie reviews, and most recently my wedding.
BUT today I am so happy in invade Meg's space to talk to you about the absolute BEST time of the year...and no I don't mean Christmas...I'm talking about FALLLLLLLL
I love absolutely every single thing about fall. If I could move somewhere where fall was the season year round I would do it in a heartbeat no questions asked. I'd pack my bags and set up camp in a place where I could display pumpkins, burn my apple candles, drink apple cider and eat pumpkin pancakes in my over sized cozy sweater all year long. There are some people are all pumpkin flavored or they like apple cider...me I want it all in my mouth with the windows open and me covered in a large blanket.
This time of year makes my heart excited and overjoyed and there is no time at all that makes me happier than fall. So when Meghan asked me to do a post for her today and even suggested I post about the things I love about fall...well I hopped on that like the delicious caramel hops on that delicious apple...
  1. The Leaves Changing Colors
    I don't think there is truly a season more beautiful than fall and when the leaves started to change colors. The second I see a leaf start to change my heart leaps. It's beautiful.
  2. The crisp weather
    There is nothing I love more than sitting on my couch with the windows open, candles burning, under a blanket with just a little bit of light. The cool weather that comes with fall is just exciting.
  3. Pumpkins
    Look yes I'm a basic white girl and yes I like my pumpkin spice latte, but here's the thing I like pumpkin flavored anything (but the pumpkin spice latte from McDonald's...ya nasty). If it's pumpkin flavored I'll give it a shot because I'm not one to judge the pumpkin until I taste it.
    Aside from just eating the pumpkins though I love to decorate with them. I love for my apartment to look like fall and Halloween barfed all over it while I'm sitting there cozy under my blanket eating a pumpkin muffin.
  4. Halloween
    Everyone loves Christmas. I feel like that's a given. I love Halloween because it's smack dap in the middle of my favorite season and at the end of my favorite month. You can dress up, have fun, and eat candy. Why would you not like Halloween? Plus it means those candy corn pumpkin things are for sale and I could eat my weight in those...they may also be the reason why I struggle losing weight.
  5. Cozy sweaters
    Along with cozying up with a blanket with the windows open I also love wearing big over sized sweaters.
  6. I can watch Hocus Pocus guilt free
    I watch this movie all year long and I don't really care what anyone says BUT this is the season I can bust it out and no one can say anything because tis the season to run amok, amok, amok
  7. Fresh Apples / Apple Cider
    I hate and even that isn't a strong enough word for it, but anyway..I HATE apples and apple cider from a grocery store. Look they just aren't good. This time of year I can FINALLY eat good, fresh apples and along with those good, fresh apples being in season means GOOD apple cider is in season and by good I mean go to an orchard and taste that shiz and then tell me you can't taste a difference between that and the crap at chain stores.
  8. Football Season
    I don't really watch much sports aside from college football. We live for college football down south and by college football I mean War Eagle please. I do love baseball but Football is what I enjoy most. Recently dating Tony I have started watching and getting into the Carolina Panthers. Fall means football.
So those are my fall staples and the things that make me very excited about this new season coming. 
What do you enjoy about fall?
What's your favorite season?
Until Next Time,

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