04 September 2016

Blogtember 4| Currently

Reading... Well I got all of the above books on my thrift store visit Friday, I started BossyPants Saturday, and love what I've read so far. 
Playing... Candy Crush..#cantstopwontstop
Watching... Madam Secretary is the current binge. Can we just talk about how good looking Henry(Tim Daly) is? I mean WHOA! 
Trying... to stay on top of the blogtember posts! 
Cooking... nothing at the moment. I made coffee this morning, but somehow I don't think that's what you meant. 
Eating... Sweet Martha's cookies that my parents brought home from the fair for me. 
Drinking... Mountain Dew. 
Calling... I talked to my Momma two or three times yesterday morning, making Chicago plans! 
Texting... Jayme and Missy. AKA my best friend as well as one of my friends from work. 
Pinning... all of the things, I'm on a Pinterest kick again. 
Tweeting... about my Chicago excitement and how much the McCords are #relationshipgoals
Going... to see my first live NASCAR race in over 10 years two weeks from today. 
Loving... September so far. 
Hating... nothing at the moment, life is good.  
Discovering... how much I have to be grateful for. 
Thinking... about what I need to pack for Chicago. 
Feeling... like my weekend wasn't long enough. 
Hoping (for)... a quick couple of weeks leading up to Chicago. 
Listening (to)... Sara Evans. 
Celebrating... having our puppy Leader for 10 years
Smelling... my coffee...yum. 
Ordering... nothing at the moment, The last thing I ordered was my "I just want to hang with my dog" shirt from Taylor. 
Thanking... Jayme for listening to me vent about myself yesterday via text. I was having one of those days where I was annoying myself with my mood.  #thestruggle
Considering... whether I want to straighten my hair before work or not. 
Starting... to ask for questions for an ask me anything vlog for later in this challenge
Finishing... my binge of Madam Secretary and then starting NCIS. 

If you want to leave your questions below for my ask me anything vlog, please do or email me at theycallhermeghan@gmail.com! 

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