23 November 2015

the power of missing.

dear karen,

I still think it's crazy at times how we are so close, that we've been friends for over five years, that we have this amazing trust between us, this bond that has been more like mother and daughter instead of at first, supervisor and associate and now co-workers.

I remember when Bee called me to tell me you had had a stroke, once I knew you were okay and at the hospital, my biggest concern was "would she remember our friendship, the bond we have?", but that was put to rest as soon as our chat bubble popped up with "I sure do miss you squeezebox." When you used the nickname that you gave me, that only you called me, it put my heart at ease.

You tried coming back once or twice way too soon, but that's because your stubborn and don''t know the word can't, one of my favorite things about you, but it also drives me insane at times because I don't want you overdoing things ha! You went out on a LOA, and I seriously think that's when our bond became even tighter, we were talking every night, me just keeping you up to date & you encouraging me that I could do whatever I set my mind to & that you would be back soon. Some nights it was two sentences between us, other nights it would be a long conversation. It was to the point that my night didn't feel right if we didn't talk.

You came back in early 2014 & to say I was happy to have you back was an understatement. You had to take a few days when your fil passed away and I remember saying, "how did I go four months without having you at work and be fine, but now you're gone four days and I'm grouchy because I want my friend back."

When you stepped down to work with me at the service desk, I knew we would have fun and we definitely have.  Our coworkers know that you don't try to pit us against each other, because it just does not work & they can usually tell when we haven't worked together in a while because I get moody & usually am better if I know I get to work with my partner in crime & sidekick.

It's amazing, our friendship and the affect it has on how much better I am at my job and being a people person when you're around.


p.s. sorry if this didn't make any sense, I kind of wrote it stream of consciousness.

p.p.s linking up with amber for her letter series...this month's topic was the power of missing.
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