18 November 2015

30 Before 30 update 2015.

Almost a year ago, I created a 30 before 30 list after realizing that I was closer to 30 than I was to 13, which was a scary thought to me at the time, but I'm at peace with it now, I wouldn't want to be 13 again anyways.

I thought I would update my progress so far & tweak it if need be...

1. Fall In Love.

2. Publish a Book

3. Get a Tattoo

4. Finish a Coloring Book.

5. Adopt a rescue weim

6. Get my Goodreads to 1500// As of November 18, 2015, I am at 596 total books and 303 books read.

7. Ride a Mechanical Bull.

8. Go to Nashville

9. Go skydiving.

10. No soda for a month. 

11. Become a Partner in Hope

12. Complete NaNoWriMo..This one is in progress as of 11/18/15, but I'm not sure if I'll complete this one this year or not.  

13. Have 1500 posts on They Call Her Meghan//In the early part of 2015 I rebranded to Meghan Anna and currently I have 559 posts. 

14. Go on a cruise// This will be one I change..I'm going to change this one to visit a new state. 

15. Have a no-spend month.

16. Get my braces off   This happened in October 2015, after 4 years and 16 days, I absolutely love my new smile! 

17. Read the Bible cover-to-cover. 

18. Put $5000 into savings

19. Treat myself something expensive I bought myself an Ipad in December 2014, it's mostly used as my main e-reader, but I also use it for other things as well. 

20. Be able to plank for ten minutes straight. 

21. Go to ten new concerts. In June I saw Phil Vassar for the first time, as well as Florida Georgia Line & Chris Young. I also saw Ed Sheeran in September. So almost halfway done with this one! 

22. Start & keep a journal//This is one I'd like to start ASAP. 

23. Move someplace new.

24. Go to Vegas.

25. Go see the National Finals Rodeo

26. Watch AFI's 100 years....100 movies//Changing this one to do something to help my writing career i.e. go to a writing retreat or take a class. 

27. Write 50 handwritten letters.

28. Make 50 vlogsOne

29. Write my will//This isn't morbid much is it?

30. Go 24 hours Media free.

2 Completed

2 Changed

5 in progress

Just under 6.5 years to finish! 

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