16 November 2015

9 Things Every Woman Over 22 Should Own-My Take.

Country Outfitter recently posted an article titled 9 things every woman over 22 should own, & I'm almost 24, so I thought I would see how I measure up here...

1//A framed picture of my Grandma

I have a picture of some of her granddaughters with her on my photo wall, does that count?

2//A tool of some sort

Yep! I have a mini toolbox that my Grandpa gave me. It's got a hammer, pliers and wrench.

3//An iron

That's what the dryer is for!

4//A cast-iron skillet

ha. Ha. HA!

5//A shirt of your dad's. 

I have an old Jeff Gordon shirt of my stepdad's and I used to have a sweatshirt of my dad's from when he was in the academy, but I think my brother "borrowed" it from me and never gave it back.

6//Art from your Mom

Neither my mom or Lynn-Mom is artistic, but I do have words they have written me that I have saved.


Yes, I have one my Dad gave me, just don't ask me where it is at the moment.

8//One great party trick

I can sing the ABCs backwards. Even when I'm tipsy, I came to find out when I did it when I had dinner with a group of friends a few weeks ago.

9//An ice chest


So how do you measure up?

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