02 November 2015

November Goals.

Someone please explain how it's already NOVEMBER?!

Where has the year gone? I haven't shared or honestly consciously made monthly goals here in way too long, so I decided to do that today. I'm keeping them short and to the point because one of them is a pretty big undertaking, so without further ado...

-Read 3 books, I'm doing the Winter Challenge and I want to get off to a good start!

-Survive Black Friday, Black Friday is the unofficial start to the retail Christmas crazy season. If I can get through that relatively sane and with my team not wanting to kill each other, I will consider it a wild success and it will help lead us into Christmas and then January which our craziest return month in my opinion.

-Complete NaNoWriMo..this is the big undertaking, I'm going to start a book I've had in my head for over 5 years and run with it.  Here's to hoping this is the year it gets done!

Anyone else doing NaNo? Let me know if you want to sprint!

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