11 November 2015

Authentic Audaciousness.

I'm not sure what the rest of 2015 will hold, but I am sure that I have decided on my motto for the rest of the year & 2016.  It will be Authentic Audaciousness. 

As bloggers, we all throw around the term authentic & how we want it to describe not only our blogs, but our lives that we share on said blogs.  My pastor said something in one of his messages awhile back about the word authentic & it totally stuck with me: when millennials were asked what one thing they strive to be, the number one answer was authentic & I nodded my head along like a bobble-head dog.  Until he finished the thought with the fact that my parents and grandparents generations answer was the same thing. Oh. Well then.

I strive each day to be authentic on this blog, sharing what I truly feel is the truest and most real version of myself & the events that occur in my life.

So we've got the first part of my motto down, now what about audaciousness?

Audacious is another word that I had heard before in passing, but then at another church that I visit every so often, the pastor was talking about loving Jesus audaciously. & being audacious in sharing that love with others & I've always absolutely loved that word and the meaning behind it.

Put them together and you'll have authentic audaciousness...what does that look like for me & what I want the remainder of my 2015 and my 2016 to be? I want to be real and bold, real and brave, I want to do more than just exist, I want to leave my mark on the world in a big way in the next 14 months.  I believe I can. I believe Jesus will show up radically in my life over this period.  I'm so excited to see where I am at this time next year!
I can't close this post without acknowledging Veteran's Day, make sure you thank a vet today! It's also my cousin Sarah's sweet 16, which is so hard to believe! 

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