06 November 2015


It's Friday! Which quite honestly means absolutely nothing to me since I'm on day 3 of 6 work days in a row, so I guess today is kind of hump day part one for me? I digress.

This week was pretty good to me though, so I thought I'd share a Friday Five/Friday Favorites kind of thing this week!

ONE// I am absolutely LOVING the fabulous impractical dreamers group I'm part of on Facebook. SO open & loving, caring & beautiful. I yearned for these types of relationships in high school & to have them now is such a huge blessing!

TWO//My NaNo novel is really taking shape. I'm loving my characters & figuring out what their backgrounds and quirks are.  If you want to check out my playlist for the month, that's right here!

THREE//I was one of the many that watched the CMAs on Wednesday & I was also one of the many that didn't seem to know who Chris Stapleton was.  Everybody keeps talking about the JT/Chris Stapleton performance, but me? I'm all about the Reba & Brooks & Dunn performance. Give me Kenny, Keith, Alan and some Patsy Cline. #90scountryforthewin

FOUR//A little known fact about me? I'm a huge NASCAR fan. I love watching racing & I have since I was a young teen. My favorite driver? None other than Jeff Gordon, who won possibly but hopefully not his last race. It was at Martinsville & because he won he can compete for the championship, his last, in a couple weeks at Homestead.  It was an emotional win & I kept my emotions in check until his daughter jumped into his arms and then the tears came. I'm so happy for him!

FIVE//Have truer words been spoken? I think not!

ICYMI on Meghan Anna//
It's Okay
Hello, Goodbye.
Nano Playlist

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