10 November 2015

Show Us Your Books.

So let's be honest here, I've been in a reading slump for the last part of summer and the better part of fall so far, but I *did* read two books in the last week, so as Jayme told me yesterday, I'M BAAAAAACK with my reading haha.

The two books I've read have been really good!

Hard Beat//A+

I had been counting down the days until Hard Beat by one of my favorite authors, Kristy Bromberg released. There had been a lot of buildup in the facebook group of her friends(because we are so much more than her fans haha!), and she definitely did not disappoint.  If there were two words to describe this book they'd be roller coaster. I thought I was getting Molly McAdams'd a time or two(Taking Chances anyone?), but Kristy redeemed herself & the roller coaster was on it's way back up.  I loved getting to read the book from Tanner's POV. Beaux was a pretty awesome female lead as well. I loved that she wasn't afraid to tell Tanner no, but that she was also putty in his hands when the time was right.

Need to Love You//A-

This series was one I discovered completely by accident, the first in the series was free so I snatched it up and I fell head over heels in love with the Cahill family. Mason & Hailey's story is most definitely my favorite, not sure why but it just is.  The end to this series was really good, it was so nice to see the vulnerable side of the Cahills and to learn more about Jackson and Chloe. The one thing that did drive me crazy about the book was that there were a number of grammatical and editing errors which I haven't noticed in the rest of the books by Megan Smith, so I'm not sure what happened there, otherwise, I really liked this book!

Life According to Steph

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