06 October 2014

S I X// Blogging Hindsight.

Ten Five Things I'd Tell Myself If I Were Starting This Blogging Journey knowing what I know now:

1) Research! I would do a lot more research into the more behind-the-scene things that having a blog entails.  In my defense, I think lifestyle blogging was kind of just starting to take off when I entered the blogging world when I started back as a high school senior back in late 2009/early 2010.

2)Invest.  I would invest in a eye-catching, but not an eye-sore of a design.  Meaning that I'd want something people would remember, but it would still look clean, professional and sophisticated.

3)Consistency.  It's only been within the last few months, but I'm finally starting to feel like I'm writing consistently and quality posts.

4)Comparison.  I think this is one of the biggest things I had to learn my first three or four years blogging.  Comparing myself to other bloggers in my same blogging niche if you will & I'm still trying to figure out if I fall into any set blogging group, lifestyle blog, if anything :)

5)Be Myself.  I think this is the one that I'm the best at.  I have grown up a lot since I first started this blog and I make no apologies for being who I am anymore.  Like I said in my vlog, don't change for the blog world, make the blog world change for you.

What is something you'd tell your beginner blogging self?

The Daily Tay

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  1. These are great things to remember. Research is definitely a good one!


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